This website was the final project of a human dimensions of natural resources class taught by Dr. Kaller at the LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources. 

In teams of three, classmates chose on a contemporary issue in natural resources, conducted a survey using Qualtrix, statistically analyzed the results, and presented the information by building a website.  For my role in the team, I helped collaboratively design the survey questions and send the survey to contacts in various regions of the country; afterwards, I built the website using the free platform.

We chose the Northern Gulf Coast Hypoxic Zone, or ‘dead zone,’ as our focus because of the type of problem it presents for biologists, land managers, and policy-makers.  Hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen in a water column, threatens many aquatic species and, thus, the local communities and economies that depend upon them.  Although Louisiana coastal communities most heavily wear the burden for hypoxia, the primary anthropogenic drivers of the ‘dead zone’ involve stakeholders along the entire Mississippi River Delta.

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