About Me

Raised in the cypress swamps of Louisiana, my love for the outdoors stems from summers spent kayaking the bayous and camping on sandbars and abandoned tugboats.  In my free time, I’m known to dabble in photography, running, cycling, baking, Zen, and rock climbing.  Sometime in 2012, I bought a pair of binoculars and became a bird nerd.

My academic and professional interests include history and science education, student activism and voice, anti-racist and feminist pedagogies, as well as citizen science, education technology, social-emotional development, and environmental justice.  Here are some questions I’ve been pondering lately.

  • How does student-centered citizen science build not only science literacy and research skills but also student voice and agency for solving environmental issues?  Does the scale of the issue change the impact?  Finally, how do strategic partnerships, e.g. universities, community environmental justice organizations, and public-private partnerships, influence the ability for the programs to be effective?
  • What are students’ impressions of and experiences with activism in elementary and secondary education?  How are these different when focused on historical movements, such as the Civil Rights Movement, versus present day movements, like Black Lives Matter?  How do various factors, like teachers’ and administrators’ experiences, impressions, and support, as well as school culture affect these?
  • How do schools teach community organizing skills or activism more broadly as a means of legitimate political participation?  What opportunities exist to practice these skills in a safe and challenging manner?
  • How are diverse scientific fields and their scientists represented in elementary and secondary education literature?  Fiction?  Non-fiction?  How, if at all, do these results influence interest and impressions of science?  (To put it bluntly, how can we make the all but neglected fields of ichthyology, ornithology, herpetology, and more just as sexy as paleontology to students?)