About Me

Raised in the cypress swamps of south Louisiana, my love for the outdoors stems from summers spent kayaking the bayous and camping on sandbars and abandoned tugboats. In my free time, I’m known to dabble in photography, running, cycling, baking, Zen, digital tinkering, and rock climbing. Sometime in 2012, I bought a pair of binoculars and became a bird nerd.

My primary professional role today is as a classroom educator. I’ve spent the last three years in graduate school and the classroom growing into a constructivist, student-centered, research-based “cognitive coach.” I hold a multiple-subjects credential (anticipated May 2018!), but my first love is science, followed closely by math, social studies, and writing. Music and art are present in my classrooms–most often in interdisciplinary projects, assessments, and extensions–but they are my current areas of growth.

Outside of the classroom, I currently teach kayaking, a passion found in the swamps mentioned above, for a local outfitter. My students often range in ages and paddle skills, and during most summers, I’ll guide clients on adventures from short family trips to multi-day camping expeditions. I hold an ACA Coastal Kayaking Level 3 Instructor license–working on Level 4!

In the past, I’ve also worked in the environmental field in many capacities:  a public educator at Acadia National Park and Penn State’s Environmental Education Center; leadership development trainer and community organizer for Sierra Student Coalition and Real Food Challenge; GIS and programming assistant for the Greater Baton Rouge Clean Cities Coalition (a former local clean energy nonprofit); and field biology technician and intern for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Ventana Wildlife Society.  My leadership experience includes multiple state and national non-profits, as well as founding the Youth Alliance of Louisiana Leaders, a state network of college and high school environmental groups.