I’m an enthusiastic, self-driven, lifelong learner with a diverse professional background: classroom STEM teacher, ed. tech. integrationist, naturalist and environmental educator, sea kayaking instructor, field biology technician, and youth leadership instructor.

As an educator, I use student-centered, culturally responsive, constructivist methods to help learners demonstrate their growth in many creative ways. Always connected to NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, my units are often PBL or Design Thinking journeys to make or do something that matters.

Currently learning: 3D printing, quadcopters + fixed wing drones, virtual reality (VR), triathlons, and baking.
Honest word association from my students: croissants, pigeons, chickens, silly, and fun.

Please peruse my work for past projects, my CV for more information, or contact me if you have any questions!